That Which is Inevitable

from by Die Pest



across abyssal planes, there's a silence propagating
emitted from an otherworldly source
whose interstellar origins have been concealed
under 200 million years of plated earth and bone

until the stars conspire to set the world on fire!
abominable blasphemies awaken from their slumbering
resistance futile
he's traveled many miles
frozen to the core crossing chasms light abhors

Oh Great Cthulhu!
The Grizzly Priest!
Abomination of Fevered Dreams!

i pray, O' Grimmest One
that my soul may be awarded entry to the unsealed gates
to entertain communion with the Slimy Things
to see the space that lies between the void

O' Wretched Stars, Align!
make way for the divine!
to usher our sanity into the black eternity
resistance is futile, he's traveled many miles
crossing chasms that light could only dream of

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn!!!!
Ia! Ia! Cthulhu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


from Meine Genitalien Sind Geschwollen, track released November 2, 2011
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Die Pest Omaha, Nebraska

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